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Be the S.T.A.R. in your story.

Empowering leaders within companies with mental wellness strategies to move beyond survival.

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Partnering with Companies: The STAR Approach to Empowerment

Working Together with Organizations


Let's work together to create a custom package that suits your needs and makes a real impact.


Empower your leadership journey with personalized mental wellness strategies and thought leadership services to elevate your success.

  • Keynote Speeches

    • What You Get: Engaging and practical keynote presentations that empower leaders with actionable strategies for improved mental wellness and leadership effectiveness.

    • Benefits for Companies: Inspiration, knowledge, and leadership strategies tailored to empower leaders and enhance employee well-being.

  • Mindful Moments: Casual Conversations

    • What You Get: Interactive sessions that encourage open dialogue, fostering authenticity and connection among leaders within the company.

    • Benefits for Companies: Reduced stress, improved team dynamics, and a sense of community among leaders, promoting mental wellness and leadership growth.

  • TV, Radio, Podcast Appearances

    • What You Get: Arielle's expertise and insights shared through various media platforms, focusing on mental wellness strategies for leaders.

    • Benefits for Companies: An opportunity to showcase commitment to the mental wellness of leaders and employees, reinforcing a culture of well-being.

  • Workshop Facilitator

    • What You Get: Customized workshops designed to empower leaders with skills, promote personal transformation, and address burnout in the corporate setting.

    • Benefits for Companies: Enhanced emotional intelligence, self-advocacy, and resilience among leaders, leading to improved leadership effectiveness and employee well-being.

  • Panelist

    • What You Get: Arielle's diverse perspectives and insights as a panelist in discussions on mental wellness and leadership.

    • Benefits for Companies: Access to thought leadership and the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogues on empowering leaders with mental wellness strategies.

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Meet Arielle Jordan

Veteran, motivational speaker, and retreat host Arielle Jordan is passionate about fostering growth and empowerment through unique, transformative experiences tailored for black veterans. She believes that our scars can be turned into stars and that transformation and authenticity are key to success.

Arielle provides a safe and supportive space for her clients to explore their inner selves, connect with others, and challenge themselves to reach new heights. Her retreats and speaking engagements are designed to inspire and motivate, and she is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Shakara- MAAME Inc

Arielle's workshop was a perfect match to have a professional with shared living experiences to discuss such a sensitive topic. I also loved that you ended with how you honor your daughter and ways in which others could do the same.


Arielle's coaching program not only met but exceeded my expectations. Throughout the program, I had the privilege of having a listening ear and receiving valuable insights without any judgment. This experience has helped me become more confident, caring less about external opinions, and making better life choices. I now focus on living in the present and worry less about the future. I would wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone seeking personal growth and self-improvement


Arielle's coaching has made a remarkable difference in my work ethic, and I'm deeply grateful to Ms. Jordan, my coach. Under her guidance, I not only rekindled my inner strength but also found effective ways to alleviate my anxiety. I passionately believe that everyone, especially individuals from diverse backgrounds, would benefit immensely from just one session. I assure you, it's a priceless gift you can give to yourself.

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