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Partnering with organizations to create a culture of mental wellness using tactical strategies to promote a sense of safety.


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Don't look any further! Allow us to customize a package to make a real impact.

From keynotes to trainings - here are a few ways for us to work together:


Through her testimony as a veteran, Arielle Jordan offers insights through a unique lens and at the same time, relatable and practical. Her keynotes are designed to empower you with actionable strategies for enhanced mental health and wellness.


Fireside Chat

During this interactive sessions, Arielle Jordan navigates mindful moments that encourage open dialogue through unpacking topics related to mental health and wellness. The goal is for everyone to contribute and be heard.   



Arielle Jordan will provide your audience with bite-sized pieces of content related to mental health and wellness. Through her diverse perspective, she is engaging and memorable.  

Workshop/Training Facilitator

Workshops and trainings are designed to provide in-depth information and time to explore possibilities with attendees. Arielle Jordan offers customized workshops focusing on effective leadership, self-advocacy, grief and loss, emotional intelligence, self-care and burnout prevention and recovery.

TV, Radio, Podcast Appearances

Arielle Jordan is a vibrant and warm personality inviting your audience to lean in as she shares her personal and professional experiences related to mental health and wellness. She has shared insights across many platforms. 


Arielle's workshop was a perfect match to have a professional with shared living experiences to discuss such a sensitive topic. I also loved that you ended with how you honor your daughter and ways in which others could do the same.


...Throughout the program, I had the privilege of having a listening ear and receiving valuable insights without any judgment. This experience has helped me become more confident, caring less about external opinions, and making better life choices.... I would wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone seeking personal growth and self-improvement


... Under her guidance, I not only rekindled my inner strength but also found effective ways to alleviate my anxiety. I passionately believe that everyone, especially individuals from diverse backgrounds, would benefit immensely from just one session. I assure you, it's a priceless gift you can give to yourself.


Mental Health Speaker, Therapist, Author & Veteran

Driven by a passion to serve others, Arielle Jordan has truly turned her scars into being the star of her life. She is a mental health speaker, trauma and grief therapist, author and veteran. Arielle is the owner of Mindset Quality, a private mental health practice, serving diverse clients experiencing mental health challenges. She received her master's degree from Walden University and bachelor's degree from Delaware State University. Currently, Arielle is pursing her doctorate in counselor education and supervision from Walden University.

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